"A literary jewel. Don't miss it."
                    — Library Journal

"Stunning. The best thing I've read all year. Mix Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen, add total 'in your face' edge, and you have Troy Cook's 2nd wondrous novel."
                    — Ken Bruen, American Skin

"Intriguing. . .[We] recommend this first mystery for readers who love the crime caper novels of Hiaasen, Leonard, and Westlake."
                    — Booklist 

"An Indie Surpise."
                    — Publishers Weekly

“Troy Cook’s debut novel is a rarity. From such an auspicious start, one can only imagine how good he may become. Did someone say Edgar?” 
                    — I Love a Mystery

“The twists and laughs keep coming in this highly entertaining debut. A Pick of the Week.” 
                    — Sarah Weinman, Confessions of
                        an Idiosyncratic Mind

“A wild west romp of a novel.” 
                    — Maggie Mason, Deadly Pleasures

“A fun book from a talented author. And if you can't find it in your bookstore, check the ‘self help’ section.” 
                    — Crimespree Magazine

“Racy fun, peopled with strange and wonderful characters.” 
                    — Mystery Scene Magazine

"A cracking good read. Cook can write crackling good dialogue and tell a damn good yarn. I took it on a long train journey and resented having to get off at my stop as I was enjoying the book so much. Take this to the beach with you, or just recline in your front room with it and enjoy the crazy, switchback ride."
                    — Reviewing the Evidence

"Will keep you turning the pages. This is no ordinary mystery."
                    — ForeWord Magazine


"A gem."

                    — Ind. Mystery Booksellers Assoc.


"This first novel should be on all crime, mystery, or humor lover's list of summer reads. It is a creative debut of a talented new fiction writer. In a genre packed full of entries, this work needs to be recognized as a ground breaking use of humorous situations combined with strong, sympathetic characters encased in a crime thriller."

                     Front Street Reviews


"You'll find yourself cheering. . .a high speed adrenaline filled crime caper novel of the 1st degree. Exceedingly delightful. . .a resplendent job of weaving delightfully droll bits of humor throughout the story. A terrific debut."
                      — Spinetingler Magazine


"In this hilarious debut, Troy Cook proves himself worthy to join the likes of such masters of the comic thriller as Carl Hiaasen and Lawrence Shames."
                      — I Love A Mystery Bookstore


"Well written, clever, and laugh out loud funny - don't miss it."

                      — Stacy Alesi,


“Author Troy Cook excels in suspense. The plot is fast-paced, holding the reader's interest from page one."
                      — Shirley Roe of World News  


"Characters are loveable despite their rather shady personalities and Cook instills just enough humor to break the tension. Well written and a most enjoyable read. Mystery lovers will definitely want to pick up a copy."
                      — Midwest Book Review


"Fast-paced, sly, and entirely original, 47 Rules is a book that will be talked about for years."

 — JA Konrath, Whiskey Sour and
    Rusty Nail

“A stunning debut…will make you think someone transported Carl Hiaasen to the desert Southwest."

— Steve Brewer, Bank Job and

“One of the funniest reads of the year, shot through with scenes of pure chaos that will stay with you long after the book is finished. Bravo for a rip snorting debut!”
                   — David Skibbins, High Priestess
             and Eight of Swords

"A hell of a book!"
                    — Ken Bruen, American Skin

“One of the most intriguing and original ideas for a mystery novel I've read all year!”
                    — Zoë Sharp, author of the Charlie 
              Fox crime thriller series

"There's a definite physicality to Cook's writing that makes the humour snap, the dialogue leap off the page, and the fast-paced action seem to unfold in front of your eyes. A hot pace and a hot romance gives the audience what they want. If you find yourself secretly cheering for the bad guy all the time, let 47 Rules entertain you to your (slightly) wicked heart's content."
                     — Book Brothel


“A fabulous first novel. Based on a cleverly cynical premise, from the first page to the last the story never bogs down.”

                     — Gumshoe Review

“Light-hearted, fast-moving fare—a good summer read.” 
                     — Mystery Morgue

“This is great crime noir, bleached by the Arizona sun.”
                     — Mysterious Galaxy Books

“A delightful concoction.”
                     — Harriet Klausner, reviewer

“A fast and funny romp through the criminal world.”
                     — Sleuth of Baker Street Bookstore

“This is a mystery, not a how-to book.”
                     — Bookreporter


“Lines blur between the good guys and the bad guys often…and it is this level of complexity, coupled with bits of humor as dry as the Arizona sun, that make this book an entertaining read. Fans of Joe Lansdale's Sunset and Sawdust will love 47 Rules of Highly Effective Bank Robbers."  
                      — J.B. Stanley, A Killer Collection


“Humor with mystery is a difficult balancing act, a feat for even the most seasoned writer; nonetheless, Cook manages to cleverly pull it off.”   
                    — Book Pleasures


“Cook writes with a director’s eye, each scene choreographed for optimal effect. A cast of painfully funny characters weaves throughout the story… a remarkable fresh spin on the Bonnie and Clyde-style that was a pleasure to read.”

— Futures Mystery Anthology


 47 Rules takes the reader on a roller coaster ride, weaving in-and-out of murder, deception, and bank robbery… I see this one as an Agatha winner. 
                        L.C. Hayden, author of 
      the Harry Bronson series


"Troy Cook has a gift for exploring the complexities that endear a reader. 47 Rules draws you in quickly and hangs on to you through the last chapter."

                     — Mike Abrams, Lethal Remedy


"The 'good guy' always wins…an enjoyable read."  
                     — Armchair


“A romp through the southwest that will have you chuckling one moment and shaking your head the next. Grab 47 Rules and a comfortable chair. You'll want to finish it before you get up.”
                     — Randy Rawls, Joseph’s
 and Jake’s Burn 

"Tara is a tough, gritty, and attractive character whose struggles for independence from her psychopathic Papa will have readers cheering for her freedom.”
                     — J.B. Stanley, A Killer Collection


“Skillfully rendered oddball characters that will certainly please avid readers of this genre as well as newcomers. It pushes all the right buttons.”
                     — Authors Den